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Ensuring Zero Downtime Legacy Application Modernization
Developing cutting-edge products is one thing, but keeping them updated with market standards and demands could be challenging. Modernizing your applications to stay ahead of the competition is vital to digital transformation. With application modernization, you can equip your legacy application with enhanced agility and scalability to deliver faster and avoid delivery bottlenecks. Instead of scrapping the complete product, you can augment it with desirable functionalities. Application modernization is a cost-efficient way to optimum utilization of available technology resources to rearchitect and reengineer your applications for the future.

From ideation and design to deployment, we understand product engineering like no one else. Our full-stack engineers are experts at building products from scratch or adding business-revolutionizing extensions to existing product lines Our product engineers will walk with your team through every phase, from innovating, ideating, and designing to prototyping and developing future-ready products. Our best-in-class engineering talent and automated software testing expertise ensure accelerated product development with quality and security.

Cloud-native Product Development

Build robust future-ready applications that are responsive, scalable, and fault-tolerant on leading cloud platforms, be it public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud.

Maximum Uptime Zero Downtime

Modernization of your portfolio applications without interrupting your business operations and product functionalities with maximized uptime and zero downtime during transitioning.

End-to-end Digital Transformation

Right from assessment and strategy formation to modernization, automation, and continuous deployment, we walk with you, end-to-end, in your transformation journey.

Certified Expertise and Strategic Partnerships

Our certified team of technical experts and strategic partnerships with leading cloud and container service providers ensures quality and guaranteed success.

Enhanced Security

Our SecOps experts ensure modern security protocols are implemented and identify & fix security gaps to ensure impeccable application security. Our QA and security testing checks for vulnerabilities at every stage of development to keep intruders and hackers at bay.

The Best User Experience

Our test engineering protocols & thorough testing parameters ensure glitch-free software and optimize the interface to provide users with the best user experience for boosted UX and customer satisfaction.

Service Virtualization

Easily manage and simulate test environments and release high-quality software quickly at a lower cost with our service virtualization practice to emulate service-oriented architectures, multiple cloud-based apps & APIs, and microservices, thus easing the application testing.

Opcito's Application
Modernization Services
Application Migration

Migrating legacy applications and related data to modern cloud environments with cutting-edge technologies by re-hosting, re-platforming, or rearchitecting applications without disrupting usual business.

Application Reengineering

Adding new value to legacy applications by enhancing scalabilities and functionalities, web and mobile enablement, improved UI/UX, improved performance and response time.

Application Replatforming

Enable your applications to run on advanced, new-age, cost-efficient, and high-performance cloud-based technology platforms and leverage the benefits of a cloud deployment model.

Application Remediation

Adding powerful new features or enhancing your application's existing functionalities, application remediation will enable your applications for maximum uptime and scalability.

Microservices Transitioning

Application modernization experts who leverage a microservice-based architecture for better scalability, cleaner coding, easier deployments for rapid provisioning with a simplified transition from legacy monoliths.

Application Containerization

Adding enhanced portability, scalability, infrastructure optimization, automation possibilities, availability, security, and governance by combining cloud with advanced container technology.


By submitting, you acknowledge that you've read and agree to our privacy policies, and Opcito may use the information provided for business purposes.
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