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Chaitanya Jawale
1985 - 2022
Chaitanya Jawale, CJ, as we know, founded Opcito Technologies in 2015 and led the team as the CEO for seven years till his untimely demise on November 15, 2022.

A visionary and perfectionist by trait, his never settle for less attitude and undying energy, combined with his drive to leverage cutting-edge technologies, fuelled the growth of Opcito Technologies. His mastery over the agile and DevOps technologies changed how we all build solutions & practices that resulted in building Opcito as a brand in the software application development, automation, continuous integration, delivery, and multi-cloud/container solutions space.

Chaitanya started his entrepreneurial journey with the core purpose of being recognized as “THE” company that transformed how businesses develop and release software. CJ always believed that a successful company can only be built with the core values of Ownership, Respect, Continuous Innovation, Customer Success, Teamwork, and Integrity. And he made sure all these values are reflected in all the departments of Opcito Technologies. CJ’s eye for the detail and enthusiasm was fundamental to the foundations of multiple departments and business functions. He was a brilliant explorer and quick to adopt cutting-edge practices in the respective areas. A master crafter and an even better leader, he touched countless lives during his short but exhilarating time.

  1. Born in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

  2. Graduated in computer science

  3. Started his journey with an internship

  4. Various stints in the software domain

  5. Started his entrepreneurial journey with Opcito

Chaitanya graduated from the North Maharashtra University in the Computer Science stream. At 21, he started his professional journey and quickly became proficient with Java. He mastered Java so fast that his fellow professionals nicknamed him "Sir Java." Over the years, he worked with different organizations on different technologies. However, his drive and zeal to explore made him leave comfortable jobs and start what he always wanted. At the mere age of 29, he began Opcito with only a handful of his closest friends.
Even though CJ is not among us today, his legacy
will live on and inspire Opcito.

Many of us have shared our memories, thoughts, and feelings about CJ. One thing common is how they've all been touched by his passion and energy, be it his friends, colleagues, mentees, or customers.  

Chaitanya – means consciousness. It has a profound meaning, and I believe Chaitanya knowingly or unknowingly was conscious about life. In my view, one of his most important life skills was decision-making, which used to make him stand out. He used to analyze but did not overthink and took the decision & act on it. His approach was situation & solution-based, and he did not worry much about the outcome. He exemplified the famous saying from Bhagvat Geeta - "Karma karo, phal ki chinta mat karo."

Chaitanya loved to live in the present and firmly believed in the power of now. I fondly remember his answer to one of my questions about long-term plans. He said, "the environment we work in is very dynamic, and our goals should be dynamic too."...

Once, I asked him about his strengths and weaknesses, and he mentioned that his team was his strength as well as his weakness. He was emotionally attached to Opcito and the people he worked with, whether the Opcito team or clients.

Chaitanya is not physically present; however, he has left his energy for Opcito to move forward. He was a role model for the people around him. Though short, the life he lived touched and contributed so much to many lives in a beautiful way.

Saurabh Sethi

Associate Director Engineering, Opcito
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Prajakta Kude

AGM HR & Operations

For me, CJ has always been a man with a golden heart, a mentor, and an impeccable leader who was more than a friend. His philosophy for life was simple - "nothing is impossible." He always used to say, "every problem has a solution; you just have to work hard." He taught me to never give up & to take ownership of the work I do.

CJ always used the Hellen Keller quote, "alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much." He firmly believed that one cannot achieve what one wants when it comes to organizational success. To grow a business, build a team that believes in the same ideas and then take them along to reach your desired heights".

The learnings I have had because of him will always inspire me, and the time spent with him will be cherished forever.   

Aniket Bangale 

Talent Acquisition Lead

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