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Experience Smarter Cloud Management With Our Automation Services
At Opcito, we understand the importance of automation and help customers reduce manual efforts to a minimum, save time, and optimize costs through cloud automation.
Our cloud automation and orchestration tools & techniques ensure accurate workload management so your virtual infrastructure and servers can be scaled up and down dynamically. We automate builds and backup, especially in a complex hybrid cloud setup with huge data volumes.
Combining test automation and security provisioning automation, we ensure continuous testing and security of applications. We also help auto-streamline tasks and upgrades to meet deadlines with zero production errors.
Opcito Technologies has been a pioneer in cloud automation solutions & cloud automation services. We have helped many organizations reach their true potential by automating their cloud infrastructure by leveraging leading cloud automation platforms and using our cloud automation techniques. We understand the role automation plays in enhancing the security of systems and have enabled organizations to scale up their service/product offerings with great agility using cloud automation technologies.
Companies that embrace cloud network automation have a higher chance of delivering continuous deployment because of the smooth functioning of the application workflow pipeline. We simplify business processes and enable higher business performance with excellent efficiency and productivity combined with 100% automation.
Higher Scalability, Agility, and Efficiency

Opcito leverages leading cloud automation tools, platforms, and techniques to add agility for resource allocation and performance. With added agility and scalability, organizations can cut down production delays and respond to business-critical demands & changes quickly, boosting overall productivity and efficiency.

Continuous Deployment

Cloud automation and orchestration speeds up the application workflow pipeline functions and stages, ensuring continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Faster, More Reliable Services

Automation speeds up the delivery process by no longer relying on human intervention. Reduced human intervention brings down errors considerably, thereby meeting the reliability standards. Also, scaling resources to meet changing requirements becomes more manageable with automation.

Centralized Governance

With most of the processes standardized and automated, manual management of the cloud is brought down to a minimum. With standardized and error-free processes, automaton can have higher control and govern the environments in the best possible way.

Simplified Business Processes

Business processes are complex and handling such extensive processes by humans can lead to errors and other operational difficulties. Cloud automation reduces these manual efforts and workload on your IT department, freeing up time for them to focus on other vital activities.

Security Best Practices

Automating your cloud helps you eliminate human error to a large extent, leading to fewer manual errors that may compromise the safety of systems. Security protocols can be coded into the process, and security breaches can be identified in real-time.

Opcito's cloud
automation services
Workload Management
Workload Management

We harness cloud deployment automation to manage large databases and workloads. Autoscaling, an essential component of workload management, helps automatically scale up or scale down servers and virtual machines based on the situation or utilization levels.

Auto Data Back-up
Auto Data Back-up

Cloud infrastructure and process automation ensures data is continuously backed up without the need for human intervention. The entire backup process is automated, freeing up bandwidth for the IT staff to focus on other activities.

Cloud Operations Automation
Cloud Operations Automation

Building a perfect toolchain for Source code management, Artefact management, Automated application deployment, Automated server configuration, Load performance test, Automated functional test, Continuous Integration, automated code build, Application Performance Management, Agile planning, Defect management, and Security

Application Development and Testing
Application Development and Testing

Large complex applications that must be continuously tested and deployed would require a lot of time, effort, and cost if done manually. Cloud automation testing and cloud automation testing tools ensure a continuous delivery pipeline and generate the perfect testing environment.


By submitting, you acknowledge that you've read and agree to our privacy policies, and Opcito may use the information provided for business purposes.
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