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Experience Hassle-free Configuration Management With Our Comprehensive Services
Configuration Management is a vital component of any DevOps culture. It hugely influences the building quality and speed of the applications and build pipelines. From automating tedious tasks to streamlining software delivery, configuration management has become fundamentally necessary for setting up a DevOps-driven framework and facilitating speed, accuracy, and efficiency in SDLC. DevOps configurations are a vital part of the DevOps jigsaw.
A solid strategy is needed with proper tools to guarantee smoother operations while synchronizing configurations with their respective environments. There are multiple components such as artifacts repository, source code repository, centralized and distributed version control systems, databases in a DevOps configuration and experts with right set of tools are important to manage it efficiently.

Since its inception, Opcito has been associated with organizations wanting to move to DevOps. We specialize in leveraging leading configuration management tools and platforms such as Ansible, Terraform, Chef, TeamCity, Puppet, Octopus Deploy, SaltStack, AWS Config, and Microsoft Endpoint Manager to manage AWS DevOps configurations and Azure DevOps configurations. By using these tools to build robust systems, we ensure that systems, software, network, and servers always remain consistent and that the efficiency of your overall DevOps process is improved with automated configurations. Our expertise in version controlling, building robust & stable systems, and automatically managing configuration updates reduces overall downtime and helps create robust DevOps processes.

Version Control

We can add visibility to software modifications to stay on top of the version changes for better efficiency and eliminate rework with configuration management teams.

Improved Efficiency

We replace manual configuration efforts with automated configuration using the best-suited tool-stack, thus improving efficiency and reducing the time of the configuration process.

Infrastructure Scaling

With prewritten infrastructure scaling commands and automation, we can help you scale your infrastructure dynamically as per the application and process requirements.

System Consistency

We ensure the total consistency of software, network, servers, and systems. Automation in configuration management ensures system configuration is up to date and immediately flags any inconsistencies.

Reduced Downtime and Faster Recovery

We help you minimize downtime with efficient configuration management, helping in managing & minimizing unexpected changes by using code review techniques and version control. With configurations automated and documented, detecting problems or restoring the previous workable version is easily possible.

Opcito’s DevOps Configuration
Management Guarantees
Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Infrastructure as
Code (IaC)

Our IaC expertise can manage the necessary environment with resources required for DevOps operations, along with code or script, and automatically prepare it for deployment and testing activities. With automation and the infrastructure code in the version control systems, we define and set up your environments with a few clicks.

Configuration as Code (CaC)
Configuration as
Code (CaC)

We can help you standardize configurations, like a server or network, within a given resource. With these standardized configurations stored in your version-controlling systems, you can make the configuration changes on the go with a few clicks.

Infrastructure Configuration Automation
Infrastructure Configuration Automation

Configure the provisioning and tracking of the infrastructure resources automatically and consistently. Automate the infra configurations to ensure a secure and reliable environment for the product to perform and scale in. Your DevOps teams no longer have to work on the same problems again and can focus their wits on new innovations.

Application Configuration Automation
Application Configuration Automation

Continuous Delivery proficiency allows our CMS experts to stimulate your legacy applications for cloud-native infrastructure. We ensure that the application configurations are flexible yet compliant with the configuration policies to ensure the automated transformation is secure, swift, and systematic.

Configuration Health Monitoring
Health Monitoring

Maintaining the operability of systems is crucial and always needs to be monitored. Configuration, when done correctly, can offer a robust product, high-quality and maintain the efficiency of products. We ensure that systems in place are coupled with real-time monitoring systems to check on the health configuration activities so that DevOps teams can function to their full potential.



By submitting, you acknowledge that you've read and agree to our privacy policies, and Opcito may use the information provided for business purposes.
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