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Opcito named among India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2023

Opcito Technologies Recognized by Great Place To Work India among India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2023.

Opcito India's best workplaces in IT&BPM

Pune, 28th November 2023 – Opcito Technologies has been recognized by Great Place To Work India among - India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2023

Opcito’s strong values and principles have always been the factors that have fuelled its belief in employee wellbeing and nurturing the employer-employee relationship.  It is not just a strategic move, but it aligns with its philosophy of nurturing relationships for a diverse workforce coming from various parts of the country. The processes are policies are designed keeping in mind the different age groups & backgrounds, that ensure inclusiveness and trust among them. At the heart of Opcito's initiatives lies a commitment to empowering employees. Opcito encourages continuous skill improvement, recognizing that a skilled and adaptable workforce is crucial in the fast-paced world of software services. While doing this, the organization also pays special attention to the holistic well-being of its team members, fostering an environment that promotes mental balance and stress-free productivity. This commitment to talent development reflects Opcito's dedication to nurturing a workforce that meets industry demands and surpasses them, ensuring success and exceptional customer outcomes.

As a global authority on workplace culture, Great Place To Work® has been studying employee experience and people practices across organizations for over three decades. Every year, more than 100 million employees from over 150 countries worldwide take the with Great Place To Work for assessment, benchmarking, and planning of actions to strengthen their workplace culture.

In this year for India, based on a rigorous evaluation methodology, 20 organizations among India's Best Workplaces™ in IT & IT-BPM 2023 have been recognized. These organizations among other practices particularly excel both on people practices that they have crafted for their employees and proactively acting on the feedback to create a High Trust Culture. The report and the complete list (in alphabetical order) India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2023 can be viewed here.

“As we stand at the intersection of disruptive innovation and sustainable progress, I reflect on the profound and indispensable role played by the IT industry in driving the Indian economy forward. India's IT industry contributes a staggering 7.5% towards the country's gross domestic product (GDP). This statistic not only underscores the economic significance of this sector but also showcases the pivotal role each organization plays in shaping the trajectory of our nation. The emergence and robust contribution of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and deep tech in the Indian IT sector, as of 2023, further accentuate our industry's status as a hub of talent and innovation with global delivery capabilities. It is the collective effort of these organizations that lays the groundwork for a future where technological prowess is synonymous with national progress and global ambitions.

Our report, India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM, highlights the vibrancy and resilience of this industry. With over 1.8 million employee voices contributing to our study, trends that will shape our future of work continue to be myriad. As many of you are aware, all organizations that nominate themselves for India’s Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM list undergo an assessment. This assessment through our proprietary methodology aims at studying the ways in which organizations completely channelize their people power and create inclusive workplaces through effective leadership, meaningful values, and nurture a culture where all employees experience high levels of trust and bring their best self to work.

Through our report, we see that in the transition from 2022 to 2023, the industry has experienced subtle shifts in employee perceptions. While the overall employee experience saw a dip, dimensions like Pride and Fairness emerged as the highest and lowest in employee sentiment, respectively. The reduction in Camaraderie (-1%) and a diminished sense of Pride (-1%) among employees has shaped the overall employee experience.

As we delve deeper into the data, one can see that despite the rise in employee experience at larger companies, burnout risk remains a significant concern, affecting 27% of employees, 3% higher compared to mid-sized companies. This underscores the importance of maintaining a delicate balance between growth and employee well-being (77% of IT companies actively monitoring well-being recognize its profound impact on morale, productivity, and organizational success)

In addressing the current challenges, Workplace Ikigai emerges as a holistic solution.  Workplace Ikigai embraces elements beyond the confines of a paycheck. It empowers individuals to align their personal passions, cultivate meaningful relationships, embody exceptional leadership, and create an enduring impact.

Today’s hybrid work environments stress the urgent need to build camaraderie, a vital thread in the fabric of our workplace. As we embrace flexibility, fostering collaboration becomes more critical. Commitment to prioritizing workplace camaraderie is underscored by the belief that strong and healthy dynamics at work lead to a great workplace.

83% of Best Workplaces invest mindfully in their employees' growth. Leadership excellence, despite being the lowest-scoring lever in Workplace Ikigai, shows an upward trend. This emphasizes the need for more accountability and authenticity at leadership levels.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the IT industry, let us draw inspiration from the positive trends. A lot of work is yet to be done and as I say, achieving an optimal workforce DNA is not just a goal; it will always be a journey where employees have to be empowered with the skills and resources, they need for success within the construct of psychological safety measures. Congratulations to each and every one of you! Your commitment to nurturing environments that inspire innovation, foster trust, and promote the well-being of your employees has not gone unnoticed. In a world that constantly evolves, you have set a benchmark for what it truly means to be a Great Place To Work for us in India.”
            - Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO, Great Place To Work® India.

Abhijit Kharat, Co-founder, Chief Evangelist quoted, “I'm thrilled about our continued recognition among the top 100 organizations in the fiercely competitive and rapidly growing IT & IT-BPM sector. This award marks our success for the second consecutive year. Opcito is a testament to breaking barriers and creating a workplace where talent thrives, ideas are born, and boundaries are pushed. This recognition is a powerful motivator and helps us push boundaries, unleash innovation, and deliver exceptional results.”

Backed by 30 years of data, Great Place To Work is the global authority on workplace culture. Through its proprietary For All™ Model and Trust Index™ Survey, it gives organizations the recognition and tools to create a consistently positive employee experience. Its mission is to help every place become a great place to work for all, driving business growth, improving lives, and empowering communities. Through globally recognized and coveted Great Place To Work Certification™ and highly competitive Best Workplaces Lists, Great Place To Work enables employers to attract and retain talent, benchmark company culture, and increase revenue. Its platform enables leaders to truly capture, analyze and understand the experience of every employee, and compare outcomes with data collected from more than 100 million employees in 150 countries worldwide.

About Opcito Technologies

Opcito is a leader in automation driven full-stack product engineering services space. Our core purpose is to develop amazing products and to deliver dynamic solutions that revolutionize the IT world. We are thinkers and are really passionate about the technology we work with. Our culture and people are the most VALUABLE assets to us. We celebrate our success, learn from our mistakes and we are proud of what we do. Cloud, Containerization, DevOps & CI/CD is our forte. And with our team of dedicated professionals together, we are pledged to deliver full-stack product engineering excellence globally. Opcito Technologies has a development center in Pune, India, and an office in Milpitas, CA.

For public relations, marketing, and business inquiries, please contact

Nakul Jadhav - Marketing Lead

Opcito Technologies

+91 (20) 6712 4100

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