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Clutch Awards Opcito Technologies as a Leading Indian Software Developer in 2022

Clutch, the leading review and rating platform, released its rankings and named Opcito as the most prominent leader in India’s IT services industry for 2022.


Opcito Technologies is a preferred partner in Cloud Technologies and Solutions as a Service space. Opcito delivers solutions globally by combining cutting-edge technologies and innovation-oriented solutions. Opcito's team of experts in multiple verticals enables businesses to get to the next level and achieve their business goals.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been named a B2B leader in 2022. In Clutch’s most recent research, we were recognized as one of the top providers of development technologies and efficiency-driven solutions in India!

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that aims to help small, midmarket, and enterprise businesses connect with the service providers that can help them achieve their goals. Clutch is a firm that formulates a fair rating to highlight the best-performing companies by industry and location.

Chaitanya Jawale, CEO & Founder of Opcito Technologies, expressed his gratitude saying, "It is a privilege to be recognized by Clutch. It reflects the quality of services that we, as an IT services company, provide to our customers and our culture as an organization. We are thankful for the recognition and pledge to continue delivering continuous innovation to help the world create better software."

Opcito is proud of the quality of feedback that it received from partners.

"Their team spirit is superb, and they worked as our tech partner." — Mukesh More, Chief of Product ideation, ASPL Mukesh

"They are fast to implement solutions and well-focused on DevOps." — Muneer Sanglikar, Director of Engineering, Data & Infra Platform, Conviva

"We want to thank dearly to the reviewers for their kind feedback. These kinds of feedback act as motivation, and we're looking forward to building deeper relationships in the future." - added Chaitanya Jawale.

If you're curious about Opcito's solutions and service offerings, please send us a message, and let's start a conversation!

About Opcito:

Opcito Technologies delivers solutions globally by combining some of the most cutting-edge technologies and innovation-oriented professionals to help enterprises and startups build market-disruptive products. Opcito specializes in Cloud Technologies and Solutions as a Service and is the official partner of some of the big names in cloud and container space, such as Kubernetes, Red Hat, and AWS.

For public relations, marketing, and business inquiries, please contact

Nakul Jadhav - Marketing Lead

Opcito Technologies

+91 (20) 6712 4100

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