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Nagios for monitoring on-premises infrastructure

Engagement details

The customer is a supply chain management organization with a substantial on-premises IT setup consisting of several servers, networks, and applications. They remained steadfast with their on-premises infrastructure due to regulatory constraints and business-specific requirements. This led to frequent downtimes and system failures. There needed to be an efficient system to detect issues before they escalated, leading to unnecessary productivity and business losses. The IT team struggled with manual monitoring efforts and could not proactively manage their infrastructure. Opcito's SecOps experts identified Nagios - a leading infrastructure monitoring tool, as a potential solution. Its robust monitoring capabilities, open-source nature, and broad community support were why it was implemented.


  • Nagios
  • Protocols (TCP/IP, SNMP)
  • RRD Database


  • Improved infrastructure management and uptime
  • Reduced manual monitoring
  • Cost saving 

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