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Enhancing Azure observability for a FinTech ecosystem

Engagement details

The customer, a fintech leader, helps financial institutions modernize their regulatory landscape. They leverage Azure and related services like AKS, App Services, Storage Accounts, Key Vaults, DNS, Virtual Networks and more to serve the unbanked, streamline operations, and strengthen supervisory decision-making. As the ecosystem grew more intricate, the customer encountered challenges like lack of real-time monitoring, oversight, scalability concerns, immediate issue detection & rectification, and increasing costs. Opcito's SecOps experts devised a comprehensive Azure-focused monitoring strategy that gave the customer an unmatched view of the customer's extensive operations, while providing the customer with a coherent view of their operations. 


  • Azure (Dashboards, Metrics & Diagnostics, Monitor, Insights, Analytics)


  • Unparalleled oversight
  • Adaptable monitoring
  • Anticipatory mechanisms
  • Improved APM
  • Resource efficiency
  • Consistent observability

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