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Cloud-native Application for Patent & Contract Management

Engagement details

The client organization assists individual inventors and organizations with their expertise in establishing licensing revenue streams from IPs. The client's IT setup was a legacy, with minimal modernization introduced over the years. With operational complications and slow IT modernization, the client continued to manage and track business processes in conventional ways using MS Excel as a primary tool for maintaining data. The business information was stored in spreadsheets right from initiating any case until its closure. This approach had some inherent problems. Opcito decided to SaaSify business operations with microservices and automation.


Cloud, Microservices, SaaS


  • Efficient data management reduced the manual efforts needed to maintain the details, reducing turnaround time by 70%.
  • Enhanced login features and RBAC secured access to the system and data resulting in increased confidentiality of the clientele data.
  • Enhanced reporting, analytics, and synergy

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